The Mental Relief Process is a tier that allows you to get relief from your everyday stresses and worries. Many times, what we choose to do to get away can cause more mental issues (Social media, news, binge watching television, etc.). The Mental Relief Process is like having a mental aspirin for your mind to get relief from everyday struggles, issues, and problems. Inside, you will find Mental Motivations that help you get motivated and get that spark back if you're feeling drained. There is also The Mental Reset, which is different materials and podcasts that give quick tips and keys to help you get some answers and relief from what we face everyday. It allows you to get away for a moment without having to guard what you hear or see. Get the mental relief you need by subscribing to The Mental Relief Process to give you a place to get away and get the encouragement you need to keep going.

What's included in Tier 1: The Mental Relief Process?

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Meet Dr. Anthony Rhodman

Your Virtual Mental Health & Wellness Expert

Dr. Anthony Rhodman is a life psychologist who specializes in performance and behaviors, leadership and culture, economics and finance, success and business, family and management, and life and spirituality. Dr. Rhodman is the expert on the secrets to perfect and predictable success, and he applies these secrets in many different trades and industries to help people remove the misconceptions about their true capabilities. Dr. Rhodman reminds everyone what they already know — that all success in life is predicated by people’s inward programming and thoughts of themselves through their psychological make-up and their belief systems that determine how they answer the most important questions of life.